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Injection Molding Manufacturing in Waterbury, CT

Ensinger has been a trusted partner for injection molding manufacturing in Waterbury, CT for decades. Whether you need aerospace components with a high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion-resistant parts for oil & gas equipment, or meticulous parts for precise fluidics systems, we have the capabilities and equipment to deliver.

Why Choose Ensinger?

As a provider of injection molding manufacturing in Waterbury, CT, we specialize in producing plastic components from high-performance resins for critical applications. Our services include:

Injection Molding

With 19 injection molding presses and the latest in automation and robotics, our U.S.-based facilities are equipped to handle the specific needs of your production run.

Advanced Manufacturing

We offer extensive post-molding services that include heat staking, annealing, assembly and packaging services, and ultrasonic welding for a one-stop shop experience.

CNC Machining

With our CNC machines, we can manufacture plastic parts to meet your strictest specifications and tolerances for highly precise critical components.

Trust Ensinger for Injection Molding Manufacturing in Westbury, CT

At Ensigner, we’re a dedicated team of expert engineers and manufacturers who are committed to delivering the highest quality plastic components for high-performance applications.  Our manufacturing facilities are headquartered in nearby Putnam, CT, making us the ideal choice for those in need of manufacturing in
Westbury, CT.

Outside of our core offerings, we provide a number of other services, including 

quality assurance programs and mold and tooling transfer. We also work with a wide range of materials, from general industrial polymers to engineering resins, and we keep an inventory of PEEK tubes and near-net shapes in stock so we can optimize your production time and minimize waste.

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