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Meeting the Demands of Critical Applications with Engineering Resins

Manufactured to withstand strict mechanical and environmental demands, engineering resins are more broadly applicable than high-performance resins and of higher quality than industrial resins. With characteristics such as heat resistance, mechanical strength, chemical stability, and malleability, engineering resins are widely used in applications for a variety of industries, including:

Lighter-weight and more cost-effective than traditional metal parts, components made from engineering resins have become essential in today’s manufacturing world.

Properties of Engineering Resins

Components made with engineering resins are known for their durability and precision. While specific properties vary from one type of material to another, engineering resins in general share some common characteristics that include:

Good Physical Properties

Good mechanical properties, such as strength, toughness, and stiffness make engineering resins suitable for a variety of demanding applications.

Good Thermal Stability

Operating temperatures range from 185°F – 300°F, making engineering resins ideal for applications with moderate exposure to extreme temperatures.

Good Chemical Resistance

With good resistance to chemicals and solvents, engineering resins provide protection against mild to moderate exposure.

Engineering Resins at Ensinger

At Ensinger Precision Components, we work with a selection of high-quality engineering resins to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Some of the materials we work with include:

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With services that include advanced manufacturing, injection molding, CNC machining, and Quality Assurance, Ensinger Precision Components is fully equipped to provide you with turnkey manufacturing solutions to meet the requirements of your critical applications.

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