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Ensinger is the Choice for All of Your Providence Plastics

For decades, Ensinger Precision Components has been providing our clients with high-quality plastic products. Manufacturing and engineering plastics to meet your specific needs has been and always will be our goal. We have worked in a variety of industries and have numerous manufacturing and engineering capabilities, giving us the skills, technology, and knowledge we need to tackle any plastics job. If you need Providence plastics, turn to Ensinger Precision Components.  

Comprehensive Support and Impressive Capabilities

Injection Molding Services

With 19 injection mold presses, advanced automation, and an experienced and skilled team, we can provide you with high-quality injection molded plastic products in a tight timeline.

Advanced Manufacturing

Whether you need ultrasonic welding, heat staking, component assembly, or packaging, Ensinger provides unmatched post-molding services to deliver a high-quality product.

CNC Machining

Utilizing automation and specialized engineering, our CNC machining services produce the highest quality product possible. Our engineers will work closely with you to make sure your product is as innovative as possible.

Ensinger PC is the Top Manufacturer of Providence Plastics

From our convenient location in Putnam, Connecticut, our state-of-the-art facility is filled with advanced technology and expert engineers that can get you your product as quickly as possible. Meeting our client’s needs and providing them with a quality product is our goal, and we are always happy to take the time to work with you on anything you might need. From injection molding to CNC machining to advanced manufacturing services, Ensinger PC is able to create the best possible product. Work with Ensinger on your next project.

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