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Meeting the Highest Standards with High-Performance Resins

High-performance resins are the highest grade of polymers used in plastics manufacturing. Characterized by their high strength, temperature resistance, impact toughness, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, and low flammability, high-performance resins are most commonly used in industries with stringent requirements such as:

While manufacturing high-performance resins often requires specialized machinery and skills, the high-quality, durability, and recyclability of these components enable them to replace other heavier and less resilient materials like glass and metal in a variety of critical applications.

Properties of High-Performance Resins

While high-performance resins differ from one another in their individual properties, there are some commonalities that distinguish them from engineering and industrial-grade resins, including:

Superior Physical Properties

Superior mechanical strength, stiffness, and toughness make high-performance resins ideal for applications that expose components to harsh environments. A high modulus of elasticity also maintains shape and structure under strain.

Exceptional Thermal Stability

Operating temperatures of high-performance resins are often at or above 300°F. High glass transition temperatures and melting points also allow functionality to be maintained at elevated temperatures.

High Chemical Resistance

High-performance resins have exceptional resistance to chemicals, solvents, and corrosive substances. They have a low affinity for absorbing liquids and can withstand harsh chemical exposure without significant degradation.

High-Performance Resins at Ensinger

At Ensinger Precision Components, we work with various high-performance resins to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.
Some of the materials we work with include:

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