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Semiconductor Plastic Solutions Power an Essential Industry

The semiconductor industry remains among the most challenging to serve. The industry relies on semiconductor plastic solutions that account for the rigid environmental demands necessary for microchip production. At Ensinger, we understand the unique challenges this presents — from the initial wafer processing cycle, chip production and handling, and packaging — and have the high-performance thermoplastics needed to get the job done.

Discover the Strengths of Semiconductor Plastic Solutions

The characteristics of high-performance and engineering thermoplastic materials provide ways to address the specific needs of semiconductor production. Each stage of the process presents its own set of difficulties, from exposure to abrasive chemicals and solvents, high temperatures, and plasma environments, all the while requiring the need for purity and low outgassing characteristics.

Ensinger’s portfolio of semiconductor plastic solutions has the strength to meet and exceed these requirements.

Chemical Resistance

Chemical compatibility, and resistance, are among the greatest advantages of plastics to semiconductor end users, who use a variety of chemicals in various stages of the chip manufacturing process.

Heat Resistance

Certain elements of semiconductor production involve high levels of heat that might damage or deform other materials. High performance thermoplastics can handle these extreme temperatures and are non-flammable, reducing the risk of production-shuttering accidents or clean room issues.

Low Outgassing

A fabrication clean room demands purity of the air and outgassing can be harmful to people as well as semiconductor products. In this highly controlled environment, low outgassing plastic materials are critical to maintaining the ideal production state.

Static Dissipative (ESD)

Minimizing static electricity is critical in a clean room as one discharge can destroy the delicate circuitry of an IC chip. Semiconductor plastic solutions prevent electrostatic discharge, grounding any charges before they ruin sensitive components.


Plastic is easily machinable and can be used to create products and parts suitable for use in semiconductor production, ranging from screws, gaskets, spacers, housings, handing trays, die pickup collets, and more. In addition, high performance plastics maintain excellent dimensional stability, holding tight tolerances over wide temperature swings.

Trust Ensinger for Semiconductor Plastic Solutions

As a division of Ensinger, Ensinger Precision Components works in close cooperation with semiconductor industry specialists who collaborate with engineers to understand the unique challenges associated with every aspect of the semiconductor manufacturing process. We offer engineering assistance to help you match the specifics of your application to the solutions available.

Our comprehensive line of manufacturing capabilities gives us the ability to tailor your solutions further. With critical injection molding services, CNC machining and other advanced manufacturing options, and a robust quality assurance program, Ensinger Precision Components is equipped to meet the standards of the semiconductor industry.