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Medical Grade Plastics Provide Options for Necessary Innovations

Patient well-being and safety are, naturally, the primary goals of the medical industry. As more people seek solutions to alleviate daily pain or enhance mobility, in addition to other serious concerns, cost pressures for medical product manufacturers and health systems have increased. Medical grade plastics have helped lead the development of new products to address product safety, patient benefits, and cost control.

Ensinger Precision Components has multiple manufacturing methods — such as injection molding, machining, and more — that add further versatility and increase the ways medical plastics can be implemented.

Discovering Solutions Through Medical Grade Plastics

With a robust array of high-performance and engineering thermoplastic materials, a dedicated medical plastics portfolio, and manufacturing capabilities, Ensinger Precision Components is equipped to help customers innovate and develop difference-making products in the medical industry.

Biocompatible Plastics

Ensinger Medical Grade (MT) semi-finished plastics are generally tested according to ISO 10993 for their intended use on stock shapes.

Sterilization-Resistant Plastics

Many medical products or devices are re-used after being cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized. Ensinger’s medical grade plastics have good chemical resistance and resistance to commonly used methods.

X-Ray Plastics

Some plastics do not show properly on x-ray imaging. Our medical plastics include special x-ray impermeable types, which allow clear discovery in such imaging, essential in many procedures — such as joint replacement operations.

Low Density Plastics

Ensinger medical grade plastics have low specific weight, which results in a significant weight reduction in comparison to metal. This is crucial in developing effective instruments that are more easily handled for use in delicate, precise procedures.

Ensure Quality, Safety, and Traceability of Medical Grade Plastics

As a division of Ensinger, Ensinger Precision Components is backed by a global network of suppliers, experts, and quality management systems to ensure our plastic products deliver quality and address all safety and traceability concerns. Ensinger has decades of experience in the medical industry and access to medical experts across the globe. Ensinger Precision Components conforms to the International Quality System Standard and is certified for both AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015.

Ensinger also always issues the corresponding conformities for all medical grade (MT) materials on an order-related basis, ensuring traceability down to the raw material level. In addition, Ensinger keeps a change notification for its medical grade (MT) materials; This ensures customers receive comparable, approved material for their medical applications or are informed in good time about relevant changes as part of the change management process.