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Polymer Fabrication and Assembly

Ensinger PolyTech, Inc. utilizes its extensive knowledge of polymers to offer premium plastic fabrication capabilities and components. Often components must undergo additional processes beyond standard machining and or molding. If your application requires any post-processing, our capable team is able to serve your needs.

Plastic Annealing

Plastics have inherent stresses created during the manufacturing of the raw stock shape. These stresses often lead to difficulties with quality during fabrication and machining. Annealing is an excellent way to reduce internal stresses to assist with downstream processing. If you have a part that is warping during fabrication, it may be best to anneal the raw material or semi-finished part prior to final fabrication. Utilizing our automated, accurate ovens, we can anneal your plastic shapes for you with ease.


Component Assembly

With our expert assembly department, we can offer the value-add service of delivering you a completed, fully assembled part or assembly. Whether you require bonding parts, installing threaded inserts, or complete bearing assembly, we can help with your assembly needs.

polymer fabrication

Plastic Bending

Ensinger PolyTech, Inc. is capable of accurately bending a wide variety of plastics into a formed shape to fit your application. We have experience bending clear plastics such as Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and PETG that are often utilized in displays and guards. We also have experience bending low-friction materials such as UHMW, HDPE, Acetal, and Nylon that can be used to create a slippery surface for irregular shapes and assemblies. We can also form covers and guards from CPVC for the semiconductor industry. Whatever your needs, we have the capabilities to serve you.


Plastic Bonding

Bonding polymers to each other or even to other substrates is often difficult. Our deep understanding of polymer make-up and physical characteristics allows us to maximize adhesion by means of surface preparation and process control. Let us help with your next polymer bonding application.


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