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High-Quality Fluid-Handling Parts and Components for Fluidics Applications

The fluidics industry places a high demand on fluid-handling parts. Involved in water treatment, lab diagnostics, bioprocessing, and microfluidics applications, plastic components made for the fluidics industry must be able to perform at high levels for long periods of time. Ensinger Precision Components works with customers to provide advanced manufacturing solutions for a variety of fluid-handling parts including piston pumps, valves, sensors, meters, and sample vessels.

Engineered Materials Support Higher Levels of Precision in Fluid Handling Parts

The unique properties of engineering-grade polymers contribute to the durability and precision of fluid-handling parts and end-use equipment. Thermoplastics such as ABS, Ryton, Polypropylene, and Kynar exhibit the characteristics necessary for the long-term functionality of fluid handling systems, including:

Chemical Resistance

Fluid handling parts are often exposed to harsh chemicals, particularly in water treatment, bioprocessing, and lab analytics applications. The high chemical resistance of our engineering-grade polymers ensures precise and accurate dispensing of substances such as reagents and samples.

Resilience to Wear and Tear

Fluid handling parts in pumps, valves, and meters are often incorporated in fluidics systems that run 24/7. A high resilience to wear and tear is necessary for long-term functionality and optimal performance.

Injection Molding Solutions for Fluid Handling Parts

With extensive experience in manufacturing fluid-handling parts with maximum precision, Ensinger PC offers innovative injection molding solutions for the fluidics industry. From material selection assistance and part design to injection molding and secondary operations when required, Ensinger PC is equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and capabilities to produce fluid-handling parts that meet the demands of your application. 

At Ensinger PC, our decades of experience enables us to give our customers a competitive edge with top-notch plastic components.

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