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Every Industry Needs Engineered Plastics

Thermoplastic engineering and high-performance plastics from Ensinger are used in every important sector of industry today. By replacing traditional materials with engineered plastics, many industries are able to realize performance and economic benefits. With a variety of manufacturing methods including custom injection molding, CNC machining, and more, and superior engineering assistance, Ensinger Precision Components focuses on the production of a customer’s products so they can focus on product and market development.

Injection Molded Thermoplastics are Essential Across Multiple Industries

Aerospace & Defense

With many years of experience combining technical and commercial expertise, Ensinger is able to meet the high demands on materials and solutions for the aerospace and defense industries. The characteristics of Ensinger’s high-performance and engineering plastic materials contribute to making applications more efficient and competitive in many areas of both industries. Converting metal to plastic components results in several benefits, including chemical resistance and weight reduction while maintaining strength and stability.

Alternative Energy

From solar panel arrays to hydropower stations and wind farms, and more, high-performance plastics play an important role in the alternative energy sector. Learn how Ensinger Precision Components can help you thrive in this growing market.


Ensinger produces a wide range of plastics predominantly used for mechanical applications and as components of industrial machines. Replacing metal components with engineering plastics is now a common practice due to their wide range of benefits. High performance plastics offer solutions where traditional materials fall short, such as corrosion resistance, dry running capabilities, low weight-to-performance ratios, ease of processing, and cost savings.


A wide range of Ensinger medical grade (MT) materials gives designers options to develop innovative medical products, which provide safety and added value. Different manufacturing methods, such as custom injection molding, extrusion, machining, and more offer the highest number of choices to produce the product.

Oil & Gas

Technical plastics contribute greatly in this sector due to modern materials offering a greater range of benefits. The industry demands high temperature resistance, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance to serve in the most extreme environments. Ensinger works closely with customers to find qualified material recommendations confirmed by practical testing.


Our semiconductor industry plastics are designed with the industry’s rigid and demanding concerns in mind. Our specialists have worked directly with engineers in the industry to understand the unique challenges associated with all aspects of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Tailored Products to Meet Every Need

Ensinger Precision Components serves all industries with a wide variety of customized and specialty products, designed to meet the unique requirements of every application.


Plastock® Conveyor Components

Ensinger Precision Components is the sole manufacturer of the Plastock line of mechanical drive and conveyor components. Made from injection molded engineering grade thermoplastics, Plastock delivers a lighter weight and lower cost than equivalent metal components, and excellent reduction ratios while also being non-corrosive and self-lubricating.

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Ensinger Precision Components produces injection molded and DCMS PEEK Tubes, as well as Tecapeek® SM Tubes. Materials available include a wide range of standard and specialty PEEK compounds as well as low spring glass filled for split seal applications.

stock shapes

Stock Shapes

Beyond tubes, Ensinger Precision Components also produces a variety of stock shapes including rods, bushings, ball blanks, square plates and flats, and discs. These come in a range of standard sizes but if your application requires specific dimensions, simply contact us and we’ll work with you to accommodate your needs with our custom injection molding.