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Oil and Gas Industry Plastics Handle the Pressure

The oil and gas industry demands a lot from the materials that make up the components executing applications in the field. Oil and gas industry plastics must withstand high temperature, high pressure environments, while exhibiting high mechanical strength and strong chemical resistance. Ensinger Precision Components works with customers to find qualified high-performance and engineered thermoplastics, confirmed by practical testing, to contribute a greater range of benefits.

Examine the Benefits of Oil and Gas Industry Plastics

Ensinger Precision Components has extensive experience working with oil and gas industry plastics. As a division of Ensinger, our material portfolio is enhanced to address the challenging requirements of the oil and gas industry and provide solutions suitable for a wide range of applications. These include hydrophone housing, seals, valve seats, back-up rings, bushings and gears. Technical plastics bring many benefits for use in oil and gas applications, including:


Oil and gas industry plastics have low weight (compared to metal alternatives), no corrosion, and good resistance to common fluids. These lead to longer part life and improved performance.

Good for Friction, Wear

For applications such as bearings, where one part slides over another, there is often extreme wear. Thermoplastics work well in these applications, where low friction is crucial.

Heat Resistance

Our high performance plastics are suitable for the most demanding environments with long term maximum usage temperatures up to 300°C.

Finding Solutions Through Industrial Injection Molding

With extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, Ensinger Precision Components collaborates with customers to achieve the optimum solution to suit their application’s requirements. Technical material experts can provide customers with a qualified material recommendation, which can be confirmed by practical testing.

Our complete line of manufacturing capabilities not only delivers the oil and gas injection molding services you need but also offers options in CNC machining and advanced manufacturing techniques — all backed by a robust quality assurance program.

Current systems in place in the oil and gas sector largely use modern materials such as TECAPEEK (PEEK). The defined electrical properties of these polymers enable the specific design of components. Our TECAPEEK products are compliant for use in demanding oil and gas applications in accordance with ISO 23936-1:2009 and NORSOK M-710, Edition 3 standards.