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Near Net Shapes Optimize Production Time and Eliminate Waste

Near Net Shapes is a manufacturing process that uses extruded or injection molded blanks as a base for complex precision components. A cost-effective solution that can significantly reduce production time and costs and minimize waste material, Near Net Shapes is ideal for low- and mid-volume production for components across a range of industries, including:

Benefits of Near Net Shapes

Saves on Tooling Costs

Because Near Net Shapes are machine finished, injection molding tooling can be less precise. Machining is used to achieve the tight tolerances and complexities necessary for each individual part.

Reduces Production Time

Near Net Shapes do not require extensive finishing processes, which cuts down significantly on production time and labor, and allows for more economical low-volume productions.

Maximizes Material Efficiency

With Near Net Shapes that can be extruded or injection molded to match the approximate geometries of the finished product, material waste is drastically reduced or even eliminated over time.


Custom blanks can be molded to approximate the geometry of any final component. Near Net Shapes manufacturing is ideal for extremely complex shapes that could not be injection molded in the past.

Near Net Shapes at Ensinger Precision Components

With Near Net Shapes, Ensinger PC aims to bring higher levels of precision and quality to every plastic component. 

Our expertise in injection molding, tooling, and machining enables us to provide individualized plastic manufacturing solutions for our clients with a focus on meeting strict tolerances and providing outstanding customer service.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the benefits of Near Net Shapes and how we can incorporate this manufacturing method into your next project.