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Decades of Experience in Solving Customers’ Most Challenging Plastics Needs

Originally founded in 1934, today Ensinger Precision Components’ multiple locations are a division of Ensinger — a global leader of high-performance polymers offering multiple fabrication solutions throughout the U.S. and the world.

Then known as Putnam Precision Molding, Ensinger Precision Components joined Ensinger in 1996. The facility located in Putnam, Connecticut, has always offered injection molding services of engineering high-performance polymer components and stock shapes. In 2023, Ensinger Precision Components expanded its manufacturing capabilities to precision CNC machining with the purchase of PolyTech Industrial Inc.

Now as an Ensinger subsidiary, Ensinger Precision Components can tap into the 35 locations across Europe, North and South America, and Asia to tackle any plastic engineering or manufacturing demand:

  • Injection Molding
  • Compounds
  • Composites
  • Stock Shapes
  • Industrial Profiles & Tubes
  • Machined Parts
  • Sintered Plastics
  • Filaments

Armed with an expansive portfolio of materials, expert engineering experience, and value-adding manufacturing capabilities Ensinger Precision Components handles the demands of challenging applications across many important industries.

Guiding Principles of Ensinger Precision Components

Ensinger Precision Components is committed to the characteristics of honesty, integrity, and longevity in all our dealings with customers. More than that, Ensinger Precision Components has clear directives and rationale with which we run our business. Consider these when deciding which plastics manufacturer will best help you achieve your growth objectives.

  • Vision — We promote the use of engineering plastics in trade and industry, and develop individual solutions for our customers.
  • Customer Orientation— We provide products and services that benefit our customers, and that give them competitive advantages. Our solutions are innovative, of high quality, functional and economical.
  • Leading Role — We take a leading, determining role in the markets that we enter.
  • Innovations — We are active world-wide, and strive for continuous growth, which is made possible by more and more new products.
  • Continuous Improvement — We will consistently optimize our internal processes, in order to manufacture excellent products, to achieve maximum productivity, to avoid waste of any kind, and to further lower costs.
  • Partnership — We strive for fair, balanced relations with our business partners, and nurture long-term, stable relationships.
  • Independence —We desire to make a profit that will allow us to ensure the existence and the further development of the company and to provide an adequate return on the invested capital.
  • Employee Potential — Our company is formed by committed, qualified employees. We promote the professional and personal development of our employees and the transfer of knowledge and experience within the company.
  • Sense of Responsibility — From our employees, we expect a high degree of initiative, readiness to assume responsibility, a will to work, openness to innovation, and flexibility. From our managers, we expect far-sighted, circumspect action, identification with the company’s objectives, and exemplary leadership.
  • Sustainability — We make our contribution to the protection of the environment, and, as citizens of state and city, will think and act responsibly towards fellow-citizens.

Our Strategic Advantage

As part of the global Ensinger organization, we are able to pull in key resources from other divisions — enabling us to expand our capabilities and services as needed to support your needs.

Ensinger Strategic Advantage
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