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Ensinger Manufactures Superior Albany Plastics

Ensinger has decades of experience bringing innovation and excellence into plastic manufacturing for businesses in need. Every business and product is unique, and your plastic products should be unique too, precisely made to match your requirements and specifications in order to best serve your customers. From aerospace to industrial to medical sectors, our plastic products are of exceptional caliber and specialized to meet our client’s needs within a broad range of industries. Our expert engineers deliver superior quality and service every time. Trust Ensinger for your Albany plastics manufacturing needs.

Superior Capabilities for Comprehensive Support

Injection Molding Services

Our efficient, innovative procedures allow you to save time and money when you partner with Ensinger for your injection molding needs. Our facility houses 19 injection mold presses, advanced automation robots, and capabilities for both insert and over-molding, ensuring we can create the exceptional precise components you need with ease.

Advanced Manufacturing

Ensinger delivers holistic support for your project needs through our extensive post-molding services, including ultrasonic welding, heat staking, and component assembly. We strive to deliver exceptional service from start to finish to ensure your high-quality final product meets your requirements and is ready for market. 

CNC Machining

At Ensinger, we prioritize precision and excellence in our CNC machining offerings, allowing us to provide premium CNC machined parts specialized to your unique requirements. Trust our team of engineering experts and the help of our collaborative robots to manufacture super parts that match your finish and tolerance needs.

Ensinger is Your Albany Plastics Expert

A mere two-hour drive from Albany, New York is our state-of-the-art Putnam, Connecticut facility, filled with advanced technology and expert engineers to move the needle on your projects quickly without sacrificing quality. What elevates Ensinger beyond our competition is our dedication to constant improvement, and you can count on us to innovate your plastic products through advanced injection molding and manufacturing techniques and ensure they serve your needs and your customers. Whether you need injection molding, machining, or even assembly, our expert team is here to serve your unique needs.

Contact us for superior Albany plastics engineering and manufacturing that precisely meets your requirements.