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Plastic Seminars

We offer several different seminars to introduce the concepts of Plastics and Plane Bearings to our customers. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a seminar for you and your team.

Ensinger Precision Components assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the following information. It is our recommendation that clients conduct field tests before implementing a material change in any new and/or critical application.

Plane Bearings; Bearing & Wear Materials and Design

This seminar introduces the basic concepts of Plane Bearing Design and the materials from which they are made. We also explore the concepts of limiting PV (pressure and velocity), the effects of temperature, and the concepts behind self-lubrication with a focus on materials that are currently approved for use in the plant.

High Performance Plastics

This seminar introduces the basic concepts of plastics and then dives into “High-Performance Plastics.” The seminar discusses three subgroups of materials: amorphous, crystalline, and imidized materials, and how the properties of high-performance plastics can be utilized in unique and difficult engineering applications.

Engineering Plastics

This seminar introduces the concepts of plastics and the commonly used polymer groups. We discuss the attributes of common materials and where they can best be applied by design and maintenance teams. We also explore example applications to facilitate conversation and questions from the audience.

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