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Comprehensive Injection Molding Services Powered by Extensive Equipment Investment

Ensinger Precision Components is the North American plastic manufacturing provider capable of doing it all. From our state-of-the-art injection molding facility in Putnam, Connecticut, we offer injection molding services using a wide range of high-performance plastics to provide customers with optimal solutions to their design and manufacturing challenges. Examine our equipment capabilities and services below, or connect with our team today to learn more.

A Complete Array of Injection Molding Services Equipment

Ensinger Precision Components features a diverse line of equipment designed to give our customers the specifics needed to perform precise injection molding, leading to better quality products and performance. We have the capability to use the equipment that best aligns with your product and goals — from variable shot sizes and machine tonnage to different press types and automation.

  • 19 Injection Mold Presses
  • Injection Molding Machines with 40 to 500 Ton Capacity
  • 0.5 ounce to 80 oz. Shot Sizes
  • Hydraulic, Hybrid Electric, and Fully Electric Presses
  • Cartesian Robots on Wittman Presses
  • Flexible Universal Robots (Cobots)
  • Dryer Banks
  • High Temperature Oil Heaters
  • Annealing and Post-Curing Ovens

Our Injection Molding Services Cover Every Aspect

No matter the challenge, Ensinger Precision Components has the experience and expertise to deliver the injection molding and plastic part manufacturing you need. Given our range of advanced equipment and the ability to match the right machinery to your part requirements, we’re able to execute precision, or tight tolerance, molding. Some of our other injection molding services include:

Insert Molding — This process features the molding or forming of plastic parts around other, non-plastic, parts or inserts. Insert molding often combines metal and plastic components into a single unit and makes use of high performance thermoplastics for improved wear resistance, tensile strength, and weight reduction.

Over-Molding — Similar to insert molding, over-molding has the plastic material molded over another molded part. The first component is made in an injection mold, then placed into a second mold where the over-molded material is added.

Automation — Automation systems are now seen as essential in injection molding manufacturing as they help improve part quality with consistency, lead to less wasted material, reduce labor costs, and operate on consistent cycle times reducing lead times. They’re also critical in secondary operations, such as assisting CNC machining efforts. Ensinger uses Cartesian robots on our Wittman presses and Flexible Universal robots in assisting CNC machining stations.