To better serve our customers and enhance our capabilities, we have recently acquired Poly-Tech Industrial’s 30,000-square-foot facility in Huntersville, NC, as well as the talents and experience of the entire team. The company’s new name will be Ensinger Polytech, Inc. Since 2001, PolyTech has combined high-performance material knowledge with practical application experience to provide customers with technical solutions. This acquisition will allow Ensinger to leverage the PolyTech services to improve the value customers receive.

From component design to manufacturing methods, Poly-Tech brings a wealth of knowledge in material selection and engineering assistance. It has extensive experience with CNC machining and fabricating parts made from engineered polymers. The company employs over 30 highly trained machinists, mechanical engineers, and assembly specialists.

The acquisition of Poly-Tech Industrial allows us to expand deeper into product design and prototyping. By combining our injection molding capabilities with Poly-Tech’s design and manufacturing, we are creating a true turnkey offering, allowing us to seamlessly take customers’ projects from concept through large-volume production and product assembly. This seamless integration makes it easier for the customer to manage a project as it grows.

We started working with Poly-Tech before the acquisition and developed a good process. The key lies in being on the same page early on. We begin collaborating at the initial customer project scoping call. Our collaboration continues with engineering support and manufacturing methodology to the start of commercializing the project. As the project volume grows, we can smoothly transition the project from machining to injection molding if applicable. Having intimate knowledge of the project when it gets to injection molding saves time and resources.

Ensinger’s John Tremblay will lead both groups as Vice President and General Manager. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to partner with Poly-Tech’s team in expanding Ensinger’s offerings for our customers. The addition of Poly-Tech’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities in high-performance materials truly complements Ensinger Precision Components’ value proposition of providing our customers pellet-to-part solutions,” Tremblay said.

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