Also known as polyetheretherketone, PEEK tubing has become a vital element in oil & gas operations over the last several decades. PEEK has even replaced stainless steel in multiple applications due to its resistance to high pressures and the fact that it is an inert high-performance polymer capable of coming into contact with various substances without reacting chemically. Because this material has become so integral, it’s important to look for PEEK tubing suppliers that are familiar with the needs of the industry in order to ensure more efficient oil & gas operations.

Key Characteristics of Quality PEEK Tubing

Before you start vetting PEEK tubing suppliers, it’s a good idea to have a thorough understanding of exactly what makes PEEK such an ideal material for oil & gas applications. There are a number of properties that make PEEK well-suited for this particular industry, but the ones that stand out the most are:

  • Temperature and Chemical Resistance—PEEK is uniquely capable of withstanding extremely harsh operational conditions. It’s resistant to extremely high temperatures and corrosion, both of which contribute to parts and machinery that last longer and operate at higher levels. PEEK tubes are ideal components for the environments commonly encountered in oil & gas, including subsea environments.
  • Mechanical Strength and Durability—PEEK tubing is also designed to withstand the mechanical stressors involved in the oil & gas extraction and production processes, including high tension, pressures, and abrasion. The high tensile strength and resistance to wear of PEEK contribute to a longer lifespan for the tubing, which reduces the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.
  • Compatibility with Industry Standards—With reliable PEEK tubing suppliers, PEEK tubing and other components are highly compatible with the industry and international standards that govern oil & gas operations. This helps ensure both the reliability and safety of oil & gas equipment and machinery.

What to Look for in PEEK Tubing Suppliers

So, what should you look for in PEEK tubing suppliers? Outside of the capabilities and expertise required to work with PEEK material, there are three key things that your PEEK tubing supplier should offer: supply chain stability, the appropriate manufacturing processes, and customization options.

Supply Chain Stability and Reputation

The first thing you’ll want to do when seeking out PEEK tubing suppliers is to assess the reliability of their supply chain. You’ll want to find a supplier that is financially sound enough to invest in extensive quality control measures. Reputation is also important. Be sure to look into the background of PEEK tubing suppliers and take into account any testimonials that might be available.

It’s also essential to find a PEEK tubing supplier with transparency in their supply chain. This will allow you to analyze potential risks and make a plan with your supplier to mitigate them.

Manufacturing Processes and Quality Control

PEEK tubing suppliers should be capable in a number of manufacturing processes. Extrusion and machining are both common processes for manufacturing PEEK tubing and are necessary for keeping production in-house. Proper extrusion enables manufacturers to produce PEEK tubing with the desired dimensions and uniformity, while machining processes allow for customization.

You’ll also want to confirm that your PEEK tubing suppliers have stringent quality control measures in place throughout the manufacturing process. This includes things like testing for chemical purity, dimensional accuracy, and mechanical characteristics to enhance reliability.

Customization Options

In the oil & gas industry, customization is essential to ensuring that the parts meet the requirements of the application. PEEK tubing suppliers should not only have the manufacturing capabilities to offer these options, but also the consultative approach required to meet customer needs and specifications. On top of that, make sure that your PEEK tubing supplier offers a range of sizes and lengths in order to accommodate different equipment and system configurations. This helps to minimize waste and optimize performance.

Ensinger Has PEEK Tubing In Stock

At Ensinger, we provide PEEK tubing and plastic manufacturing services for a variety of industries, including oil & gas. Our specialty is in working with high-performance polymers to manufacture parts for some of the most demanding critical applications. We maintain a large inventory of PEEK tubing in a range of sizes and thicknesses up to ½”. We also have the capabilities needed to provide fully customized plastic components.

Are you looking for a PEEK tubing supplier with the expertise and the supply chain to meet your needs without compromising on quality or timely delivery? Connect with our team today to get started.