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High Performance Plastics Manufacturing

You need a contract manufacturer you can rely on. We have the capabilities to deliver. At Ensinger Precision Components, we provide injection molding, CNC machining, and advanced post-molding services for critical high performance plastic components.

Our Plastics Manufacturing Facilities

Ensinger Precision Components – Putnam, CT

With years of experience in advanced manufacturing, injection molding, design, engineering, and machining, Ensinger Precision Components can tackle your injection molding projects with ease.

Ensinger Precision Components – Huntersville, NC

Ensinger Precision Components – Huntersville offers fabricated plastic parts with an extensive CNC machining capability that compliments the other Ensinger offerings in pellet to part solutions.

Our High Performance Plastics Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether you need injection molding, CNC machining, engineering assistance, tooling, or mold transfer services, we have the capabilities to deliver critical components that meet your exact needs. All of our services are backed by decades of experience, the latest in advanced technologies, and a long list of quality certifications.

Industries We Serve

Ensinger Precision Components has been a trusted contract manufacturer for a wide range of industries, including:

High Performance Plastics We Work With

At Ensinger Precision Components, we specialize in working with general, engineering, and high performance plastics in order to produce components for your most critical applications. Whether you need plastic parts with superior thermal properties and high strength, or something flexible and durable, we have the expertise to help you select the right materials for your projects.

We Offer Stock Shapes!

By working with stock shapes, we can optimize your production process for shorter lead times, more cost-efficient tooling, and higher levels of precision while eliminating material waste. Stock shapes, or near net shapes, are ideal for low- to mid-volume runs of critical components for applications in a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, aerospace, medical devices, and semiconductors.

Ensinger Precision Components

About Ensinger Precision Components

Ensinger Precision Components is part of Ensinger GmbH with North American headquarters in Washington, PA. Ensinger’s North American operations focus on processing high-performance engineering plastics and expanding the market for engineering plastics with extrusion, casting, machining, compression, and injection molding expertise. We leverage our knowledge of high-performance polymers and applications to provide our customers with numerous options as they push the envelope of innovation and part design in their respective industries.


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