US/Metric Conversion Chart

As designers, we occasionally get drawings and requests that have callouts for physical properties whose weights and measures are different than those with which we are accustomed. Here is a cheat sheet on the most common conversions. (A special thanks to those who have contributed to this information base. Additions and/or corrections welcome).

Weight Conversion

PSI to MPamultiply by 0.00690
MPa to PSImultiply by 145
PSI to KPamultiply by 6.895
KPa to PSImultiply by 0.145
ounces to gramsmultiply by 28.35
grams to ouncesmultiply by 0.0352
pounds to kilogramsmultiply by 0.4536
kilograms to poundsmultiply by 2.2045
imperial tons to kilogramsmultiply by 1016
kilograms to imperial tonsmultiply by 0.00098

Fluid Volume Conversion

U.S. fluid oz. to millilitersmultiply by 29.574
milliliters to U.S. fluid oz.multiply by 0.0338
Imperial fluid oz. to millilitersmultiply by 28.41
milliliters to imperial fluid oz.multiply by 0.0351

Impact Strength Conversion

Ft-lb/in to J/m(J=Joules)Multiply Ft-lb/in x 53

Dielectric Strength Conversion

V/mil to KV/mmDivide V/mil by 25

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

in/in/°F to mm/°CMultiply in/in/°F x 1.8


°F to °C


°C to °F

°C x 1.8 + 32


U.S. Micro Inch U.S. Micro Meter Europa Europa Ra (my

Metric to U.S. Equivalents Linear Measure

1 centimeter0.3937 inch
1 meter39.37 inches
1 meter1.0936 yards
1 kilometer0.621 mile

U.S. to Metric Equivalents Linear Measure

1 inch2.54 centimeters
1 foot30.48 centimeters
1 foot0.3048 meter
1 yard0.9144meter
1 rod5.029 meters
1 mile1.609 kilometers

Metric to U.S. Equivalents Square Measure

1 square centimeter0.155 square inch
1 square meter1.196 square yards
1 hectare2.47 acres
1 square kilometer0.386 square miles

U.S. to Metric Equivalents Square Measure

1 square inch6.452 square centimeters
1 square foot0.0929 square meter
1 square yard0.8361 square meter
1 acre0.4047 hectare
1 square mile2.59 kilometers

Metric to U.S. Equivalents Weights

1 gram0.03527 ounce
1 kilogram2.2046 pounds
1 metric ton1.102 English tons

U.S. to Metric Equivalents Weights

1 ounce28.35 grams
1 pound0.4536 kilograms
1 English ton0.907 metric ton

Metric to U.S. Equivalents Volumes

1 cubic centimeter0.061 cubic inch
1 cubic meter1.308 cubic yards
1 liter1.0567 quarts/liquid
1 liter0.264 U.S. gallon
1 hectoliter2.8373 bushels

U.S. to Metric Equivalents Volumes

1 cubic inch16.39 cubic centimeters
1 cubic foot0.0283 cubic meter
1 cubic yard0.7646 cubic meter
1 quart/dry1.101 liters
1 quart/liquid0.9463 liter
1 gallon3.78541 liters
1 peck8.810 liters

U.S. to U.S. Equivalents Cubic Measure

1.728 cubic inches1 cubic foot
27 cubic feet1 cubic yard
128 cubic feet1 cord (wood)
2,150.42 cubic inches1 standard bu.
231 cubic inches1 U.S. standard gallon

U.S. to U.S. Equivalents Dry Measure

2 pints1 quart
8 quarts1 peck
4 pecks1 bushel

U.S. to U.S. Equivalents Liquid Measure

4 gills1 pint
2 pints1 quart
4 quarts1 gallon
31.50 gallons1 barrel

U.S. to Imperial Liquid Measure

1 U.S. gallon0.833 imperial gallon
1 U.S. gallon3.785 liters

Imperial to U.S. Liquid Measure

1 imperial gallon1.201 U.S. gallons
1 imperial gallon4.546 liters

U.S. to U.S. Length Measure

12 inches1 foot
3 feet1 yard
5.5 feet1 rod
40 rods1 furlong
8 furlongs1 statute mile
3 land miles1 league

U.S. to U.S. Mariners Measure

6 feet1 fathom
120 fathoms1 cable length
5,280 feet1 statute mile
6,076.11 feet1 nautical mile

U.S. to U.S. Square Measure

144 square inches1 square foot
9 square feet1 square yard
30.25 square yards1 square rod
640 square acres1 square mile