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Save Time and Money With Stock Shapes and PEEK Tubing

At Ensinger Precision Components, we pride ourselves on delivering high-performance plastic parts tailored to your specific requirements. We also offer a selection of PEEK tubing and Stock Shapes to meet your needs.

PEEK Tubes Always On-Hand

Our portfolio of in-stock PEEK tubing consists of injection molded and Spin Molded PEEK Tubes, as well as tubes made from unfilled and reinforced TECAPEEK® SM 450 and TECAPEEK® SM 450GF. The proprietary Dynamic Cast Molding System™ (DCMS) manufacturing process supports faster turnaround times and enables us to keep a large selection of standard-sized PEEK tubing on hand for your next project. 

With good chemical resistance, heat deflection, and slide and wear properties, PEEK tubing is ideal for applications in the Oil & Gas, Chemical Technology, Energy, and Mechanical Engineering industries. 

More Cost-Efficient Prototypes with Stock Shapes

Prototyping with stock shapes allows us to optimize part geometry and save on tooling costs early in the manufacturing process. With the ability to produce an accurate representation of your component without the higher costs of the injection molding process, thorough component testing can be completed before full-scale production. This results in fewer unknowns when we enter into full-scale production, minimizing disruptions and costly troubleshooting. 

At Ensinger PC, we keep a selection of stock shapes in tubes and rods to meet your needs.

Why Choose Ensinger Precision Components

With decades of experience, Ensinger Precision Components places our customers’ needs at the forefront. From advanced manufacturing and CNC machining to injection molding and quality assurance, we aim to be leaders in the production of high-performance thermoplastics for the most demanding applications. We manufacture our PEEK tubing and stock shapes with the same focus on quality and precision as our custom parts.

In Need of PEEK Tubing or Stock Shapes